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  Lesson 5 

Learning Objective: To make comparisons across periods of history

Knowledge, skills and understanding covered in the lesson

  • Know about the ideas, beliefs, attitudes and experiences of children in the Victorian period

  • Know about the social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity of the Deptford area during the Victorian era

  • Be able to enquire into historical issues and their effects on people's lives  i.e. children’s lived is Deptford in the Victorian era

  • Be able to describe and make links between the main events, situations and changes both within and across periods 


Lesson Overview: Pupils to write a letter to a Deptford Ragged child explaining the future. 

Starter: Discuss technology that we have in our lives which would not have been present in the Victorian era. Can they think of anything? ie Cameras, motorcars, central heating, inside toilets (only for the Victorian wealthy).  


Main lesson

Create a class plan of what to include in their letter. Remember to bullet point ideas.  This could be an ideal opportunity to revisit the original mind maps and add detail as part of a plan.

Tell them about what to expect from life and school in the 21st Century. 

  • What changes will they see compared to Victorian times when they lived in Deptford?

  • What would surprise them?


Topic Ideas

  • Deptford

  • London

  • School

  • Food

  • Clothes

  • Transport

  • Technology

  • Games & hobbies


 Link to writing expectations of the year group. 


Whole class feedback

Provide children time to read their letters aloud to the class or another year group to share their learning.



Revisit the original questions from lesson one and any others which were later added. Can pupils now answer their own questions after using the source material form the archive? 



  • Draw yourself as a Ragged School Child

  • Greater depth extension: Pupils to write back to themselves from the Victorian era.

  • Further research into Victorian London

  • Further research as to what other events where taking place across the world 1844

  • Create a presentation to share with parents about their learning

  • Interview their character for a news report

  • Create a narrative based on their character

  • Create a piece of art set in Victorian London

  • Collage of all the children’s individual drawings

  • Create a historical news report about the Victorian era.

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