• Katharine Alston

Deptford Ragged School Memorial Walk - November 2019​

To celebrate 175 years since the Deptford Ragged School opened, a team from the Deptford Ragged Trust (the charity under which the Deptford Ragged School Archive operates) are walking from Herne Bay to Deptford to raise money for our new building. They will be walking the 60 miles over three days, 28-30 November 2019.

Each year the Deptford Ragged School took kids to the seaside for their summer treat, often going to Herne Bay. In 1930 they took hundreds of kids to Herne Bay chartering a special train. They loved it, games, fun and lunch on the beach -meat pies and cakes- returning home tired out but thoroughly happy, remembered for weeks to come.

The walk is a fundraiser towards a new building for the Deptford Ragged Trust. The plan is to redevelop the Shaftesbury Christian Centre on Frankham Street with space for the Deptford Ragged School Archive, church and community space, and café with affordable flats for young people.

We’re very excited about this and if you would like to sponsor me/us, check out this link to our page at Just Giving, you can either sponsor me or one of my team.

Wish me luck




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